Venice Travel Guide & Attractions

Venice is one of the most famous city in northern Italy. It is also known as city of water, city of bridges & queen of Adriatic. Venice was historically an independent nation. The Grand Canal (Canalazzo), Venice's main waterway, divides the city into two parts east & west. There are many mode of transportation available in Venice but you should travel in venice on your feet or by boats to see the beauty of the city. All visitors to Venice should buy a Venice Card, by which you can use main tourist services, including optional discounted airport transfers, admission to some museums and attractions and many more. There are following attractions in Venice which a traveler should visit…
1: The Grand Canal: The Grand Canal (Canalazzo), Venice's main waterway, divides the city into two parts east & west. It is the place around which much activity in Venice is concentrated and is encircled with elegant facades. The biggest attraction of Venice.

2: St. Marks Square: St Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco) has always been the nucleus of attractions in Venice. It among the most popular travel destinations in Venice.
3: Rialto: The Rialto has long been the commercial core of Venice and is famed as the place where the first bridge over the Grand Canal was built. Now it’s a popular travel destination Venice.
4: Basilica dei Frari: This great Gothic Franciscan church is primarily known as the burial place of Titian and the Venetian sculptor, Antonio Canova & was built in 14th centaury.
5: School of St. Roch: A Scuola in Venice was a mixture of guild and religious fraternity, here members has paid annual fees to support fellow members & to decorate the school's premises. The School of St Roch is known for the canvasses of Jacopo Tintoretto that decorated its interior.
6: Academia : The Gallerie dell'Academia houses one of Europe's finest art collections which shown the progression of Venetian art & culture from 14th to 18th century.
7: Bell Tower: Originally built in the 9th century, this 318-foot bell tower is the highest structure in Venice and offers visitors breathtaking views of the cupolas of St. Mark's, the lagoon, its neighboring islands and the red rooftops and church domes of Venice.
8: Clock Tower: Built in 1496, the clock mechanism of that same period still keeps perfect time. The clock tower is one of the first things to be seen, towering above the Procuratie Vecchie (the ancient administration buildings for the republic.
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